Pre Conferences

Cultural Weeding

Kevin Hennah has worked with hundreds of libraries internationally over 10 busy years. Cultural Weeding will fuse the best initiatives he has found with his ideas on what needs to change in order for libraries to remain relevant. Library culture, image, promotion and resources are all put under the spotlight, as Kevin poses his thought-provoking ideas on why we need to weed more than just print!

Lack of space? Most libraries claim to need more space, yet most are collecting both resources and services faster than they are weeding them.

Lack of time? Challenging systems, culture and practices may be your most effective and inexpensive solution to create time.

Building or renovating? This workshop will highlight why we cannot continue to build a contemporary veneer around traditional ideas.

Online resources moved the goal posts! For print to compete, library display, signage and promotion must be challenged.

Time for an image overhaul? Be inspired by innovative ideas at all budget levels

Facilitated by Kevin Hennah

Make. Write. Repeat.

The “maker” movement has taken hold in education, and its core principles reward those who take risks, create, fail, reflect, and start the process anew. In what ways can we connect the ideas of “making” and “writing” to rethink literacy instruction? With examples from a number of teachers and by exploring many digital writing tools, we will discover opportunities for our students to make, write, and continue the process of learning over and over again. Come prepared with a laptop or tablet so you can craft your own pieces of digital writing!

Facilitated by Dr. Troy Hicks

We Teach Thinking! Digital Curiosity Powered by Pedagogy

How deep is the ocean? Who invented Minecraft? What do kids in Australia study?  For years our students have entered our classrooms spurred by curiosity and wonder.  However, unless there was a text at their specific reading level, learners couldn’t find the answers to their questions.  Today, we have new tools that personalize learning and provide all students the resources they need to live curiously.  See how text, images, video and web tools can inspire students to read, write, think and wonder.  Learn practical strategies you can use tomorrow to question deeply, search effectively and capture student thinking.

Facilitated by Kristin Ziemke

Reading 2.0: Transforming Literacy Instruction with e-Books, Audiobooks, and Digital Texts

This workshop will focus on research-based strategies for transforming literacy learning through the use of digital texts. How do we effectively engage students in the digital reading process, foster strategic readers of e-texts, use best practices, and interpret and apply current research to optimize digital reading and promote comprehension? By exploring various forms of digital texts (including online texts, audiobooks, e-books, and storybook apps) and instructional strategies for teaching digital reading, we will discover ways students can develop new literacies and thrive in the age of Reading 2.0.

Facilitated by Dr. Lotta Larson