What is reThinking Literacy?

A conference for K-12 educators interested in how technology is reshaping the notion of what literacy is and how it can best be taught in school settings.

When Is reThinking Literacy?

21 April 2016 – Pre Conference
22 – 23 April 2016 – Main Conference

2016 Conference Themes

  • Apps & Tools

    Guided discussion and exploration of digital tools to support and enhance reading and writing in the classroom.

  • Reading & Writing Workshop

    Exploring the effective use of digital tools which can enrich, amplify and transform the Reading and Writing Workshop model.

  • Leadership & Development

    Innovative whole school approaches in the area of literacy and showcasing mechanisms to support teachers.

  • Digital Text

    Looking at the development and impact of online texts and new genres and how these will influence the teaching of reading.

  • New Literacies

    Looking at the broadest definition of literacy and growth of video and multiliteracies where meaning is derived from context.

  • Outside School

    How is “being literate” changing beyond the walls of school? How might schools best prepare students for this world?

reThinking Literacy Vision

Provide a venue for discussion and dissemination of good practices around how literacy is changing and how it is taught in the 21st century.