• A conference about reading and writing in the 21st Century

    21 – 23 April 2016, Singapore

  • Hosted at United World College

    Designed for K-12 Educators

  • Variety of Content

    Practical sessions as well as visionary sessions from thought leaders and specialists





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A conference for K-12 educators interested in how technology is reshaping the notion of what literacy is and how it can best be taught in school settings.

Apps & Tools

Exploration of tools to support reading & writing in the classroom

Reading & Writing Workshop

Embedding Digital Modes into Reading and Writing Workshop

Leadership & Development

Innovative whole school approaches and supporting teachers

Digital Text

Impact of Digital Readers and Tablets on Teaching Reading

New Literacies

Impact of Video and Multiliteracies

Outside School

How is “being literate” changing beyond the walls of school? How might schools best prepare students for this world?


United World College, Dover Campus

What Can I Expect?

  • Practical sessions on how to support developing literacy in multiple mediums in the classroom
  • Presentations from thought leaders, writers, journalists and filmmakers as well as education experts on how they construct and tell their stories
  • How graphic novels, cinema, games are changing what “text” means in the 21st Century
  • Readers/Writers Workshop in the 21st Century
  • Presentations from leading practitioners in media industry
  • Workshops led by practitioners using digital technology to support literacy

Target Audience

  • Designed for K-12 educators
  • Kindergarten Teachers
  • Primary Teachers
  • Teachers of Reading and Writing Workshop
  • Teachers of: English, Languages, MFL, Language Arts, Humanities, Social Studies
  • Media Studies Teachers
  • Teacher Librarians and librarians
  • Storytellers
  • Digital Literacy/Tech Coaches
  • EAL/ESOL Teachers
  • Drama Teachers
  • Literacy Coaches
  • Curriculum Leaders
  • School Leadership


Thursday 21 AprilFriday 22 AprilSaturday 23 April
Pre Conference WorkshopsKeynotes, Workshops & Networking SocialKeynotes & Workshops

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