At reThinking Literacy we want to ensure that the presentations are focused on teaching literacy, but in ways that are enhanced by digital technologies. Our presenters are classroom teachers that bring direct and meaningful literacy experience as well as technology specialists that know the latest apps, tools and strategies for using technology effectively

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Wendy Jones

Wendy Jones

Primary Literacy Coach UWCSEA Dover

Digital Writing Units of Study with Meaning and Choice

Seán McHugh

Seán McHugh

Digital Literacy Coach K-12 UWCSEA Dover Campus

Reading, Writing and Inter-thinking - Classrooms as Social Networks

Sarah Phoenix

Sarah Phoenix

Lead teacher of Middle School English Nexus International School, Putrajaya, Malaysia

Tech-aways: Delicious digital tidbits to integrate in any classroom - What have we learnt from integrating technology in a 1:1 Apple Distinguished school?

Kurt	Wittig

Kurt Wittig

Secondary Teacher Librarian United World College South East Asia (Dover)

Supporting Additional Language Acquisition with High Interest Reading

Jared Wilson

Jared Wilson

Head of Learning Technology Nexus International School

Creating non-linear adventure stories using Twine

Jeff	Dungan

Jeff Dungan

Technology Coach Shanghai American School

Formative Assessment for Reading and Writing Using Tablets and Supporting Non-Fiction and Informational Writing Units with Digital Tools

Cassandra Magar

Cassandra Magar

Coordinator of IB Language & Literature UWCSEA Dover

Creating Confidence: Digitally Supported Frameworks for Oral Activities

Paula Guinto

Paula Guinto

MS English United World College Southeast Asia

From the Heart to the #Hashtag: Designing Learning Spaces that Build Community

Andrew McGovern

Andrew McGovern

Grade 4 Teacher Tokyo International School

Using Augmented Reality for Book Reviews

Tara	Ronzetti

Tara Ronzetti

Literacy Coach Saigon South International School

Transforming Student Writing: From Traditional Research Paper to Documentary Film

Nicki	 Ruthaivilavan

Nicki Ruthaivilavan

Grade 3 Teacher Shekou International School

The Power of Publishing: Using Digital Tools to Create & Share Authentic Writing

Liz Cho

Liz Cho

IB and TOK Teacher; CAS Coordinator Shekou International School

3 Digital Tools that are Successful with IB Students: FlipBoard, Kahoot, & Discussion boards"

Ceci	Gomez-Galvez

Ceci Gomez-Galvez

EAL Support Teacher & Coach | Team Leader Shekou International School

Showcasing to Global Audiences: Empowering Literacy Development in ELLs (English Language Learners)

Jeff	Plaman

Jeff Plaman

BreakoutEDU: Unlocking Literacy