Dr. Lotta Larson

Lotta Larson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Curriculum and Instruction

Kansas State University

Dr. Larson is a professor in the College of Education at Kansas State University where she teaches courses in literacy education and new literacies. A former elementary/middle-level teacher, she frequently provides professional development and offers support to teachers and students as they explore affordances of e-books and digital reading devices. An active researcher in the field, she continues to investigate the impact of new literacies in K-12 classrooms. Her work has been published in numerous book chapters and journals such as Educational Leadership, The Reading Teacher, and Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy.

Pre-Conference Workshop:

Reading 2.0: Transforming Literacy Instruction with e-Books, Audiobooks, and Digital Texts

This workshop will focus on research-based strategies for transforming literacy learning through the use of digital texts. How do we effectively engage students in the digital reading process, foster strategic readers of e-texts, use best practices, and interpret and apply current research to optimize digital reading and promote comprehension? By exploring various forms of digital texts (including online texts, audiobooks, e-books, and storybook apps) and instructional strategies for teaching digital reading, we will discover ways students can develop new literacies and thrive in the age of Reading 2.0.


Teaching Reading in a Digital World: The Changing Nature of Literacy

It is no secret that today’s students encounter and engage with tablet technologies, e-books, and digital reading in their daily lives. While there is still much to learn about the potential of e-books in schools, it is clear that effective e-book implementation can enhance students’ literacy experiences. In this session, we will explore how students can benefit from the affordances of e-books and digital reading as they develop new literacies and become strategic readers of e-texts. In particular, we will discuss how teachers play a crucial role in helping students select and apply digital tools and features to meet individual learning need and personalize the digital reading experience.


Exploring Affordances of e-Books and Digital Texts to Support Comprehension, Engagement, and Motivation

In this engaging session, we will build on the keynote presentation to provide opportunities for further exploration of affordances of digital reading, including specific e-book tools and features.  Authentic examples of student-centered digital reading experiences will be shared and discussed. Please bring your own questions, ideas, and suggestions to make this a truly interactive session!