Please note we are no longer accepting presentations focused on primary/elementary. If your focus is on Secondary/MS/HS then please consider applying.

At reThinking Literacy we want to ensure that the presentations are focused on teaching literacy, but in ways that are enhanced by digital technologies. Finding the balance is  critical, we don’t want presentations that are just about technology, nor do we want presentations that are just about traditional forms of teaching literacy. We need both!

Example Presentations Concepts

  • Improve writing feedback using comments and suggestions in Google Docs to facilitate peer and teacher feedback.
  • Improve writing feedback using screen recordings
  • Improving formative assessment of reading and writing with digital tools
  • Student self-assessment and peer assessment using multimodal tools (eg, zaption, soundcloud, etc)
  • Annotating texts on screens using annotation tools
  • Building website libraries using online tools (eg Diigo)
  • Navigating digital texts such as websites
  • eReading and reading; what’s the difference?
  • Connect with authors around the world using video conferences
  • Powerful digital tools for transforming teacher recording and assessment of reading and writing.
  • How to use digital tools to transform the way students learn spelling
  • 3 great ways to use technology to improve your student’s handwriting
  • Developing an understanding of language conventions. Tech tips and tools to assist students to improve their understanding of important conventions in language (Language study)
  • Video as text, what does writing with video look like? (Pan, zoom, transition, sound)
  • Image as text, how does the effective use of image enhance writing.
  • Graphic novels as texts
  • Efficient conferring with digital tools.
  • Enhancing reading and writing workshops with an Interactive Whiteboard (IWB)
  • Interactive Digital Read Alouds
  • Studying digital mentor texts (movies, blogs, websites, presentations) through the eyes of a ‘writer/creator’
  • Developing writer’s craft in digital modes – (eg the student blog as a space for developing voice?)
  • Planning digital reading/writing workshops
  • Developing an authentic audience for student writers by connecting online

Key Information

Accepted presentations will receive a $50 discount for conference registration (that can be accumulated for each unique presentation accepted). Acceptances will occur on a rolling basis, so if you are interested in presenting you are encouraged to submit early.

Some presenters may be asked to present twice during the conference, or possibly to compress their presentation to be included on a panel of several presentations on the same topic

Team presentations are allowed with team members sharing the registration discount.

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We will get back to you as soon as possible. If you have questions about your submission please contact: [email protected]