Junior technology integration specialist
Tanglin Trust School

Film Literacy

“If one wants to reach younger

people at an earlier age to shape their minds in a critical way, you really need to know how ideas and emotions are expressed visually”

~ Martin

Scorsese, director and filmmaker

This workshop will focus on developing visual literacy through narrative filmmaking. We’ll look into film grammar and how a film can be read as carefully and consciously as a story or poem. We’ll then cover practical approaches to film production and postproduction that have been democratised through the mobile technology available in our classrooms.

The session will cover:

  • How to read a film: an introduction to film grammar and interpreting images using examples from cinema.
  • Production: how to shoot a simple scene using a mastershot/coverage approach with a small production
  • crew.
  • Post-production: the magic of the edit.
  • Resource considerations for filmmaking in the classroom

Explicit Audience ?

Anyone interested in using film in their subject area such as English, History etc